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Currently, Jamaica is now requiring a negative PCR Covid 19 Test within 7 days of you traveling along with filling out a pre-travel authorization 5 days prior to arrival.  Please read everything listed below as this is URGENT. This may change before you leave but at this time it is REQUIRED to be allowed entry into the country or even boarding your flight.  I am a huge advocate or being ready so no last-minute panic.  Below is what we have been advising clients who are currently traveling soon.  You must have your test, fill out the travel authorization below uploading test results.  You will also need to print the test results and travel authorization taking them with you to be allowed to board your flights and enter the country and or you will be denied entry. This may change but at this time this is the required and will update as things change.

Since testing sites are behind in processing many are opting for the same day test results but MUST make an appointment a few weeks in advance as appointments fill up.  No matter which you choose, please make an appointment now to ensure you can go and get tested 9NO AT HOME TEST CAN BE USED) You MUST go and have it done.  Most testing is free except for the Rapid PCR Tests (same day results). Clients who opt for the same day results have stated if they list one symptom then insurance pays for it.  Some clients just paid for it anyway to have results the same day and not wait in line or days for results. You must decide what works best for you. No matter what you choose, it must be a certified Covid-19 PCR test (PCR stands for: polymerase chain reaction) Ask whoever is giving the test to be sure you are getting the right one as the antibody or blood test are not accepted.

Below are links to some testing sites.  We do not endorse any of them, this is just so you have a quick link.  Make sure no matter where you get tested it is a certified COVID-19 PCR test (polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and that you get it back showing negative “within” 7 days prior to arrival.


Please ask if you are getting a PCR test and how long the turnaround times are, remember test must show negative “within” 7 days prior to arrival no longer’. Make sure results arrive within that 7 days prior but do not have thes test done any sooner than 10 days before you leave (example: if you leave on the 16th then get the test no sooner than the 6th) but the results can come back negative no sooner than the 10th). Each of you must have this test also this is confusing I know so call me I can say it and it seems to make more sense.  

This gives locations near you:

This gives locations near you::

This gives locations near you:


Jamaica: THIS IS WHAT YOU FILL OUT 5 days prior

Pre-Arrival Travel Authorization:  (this after you received your negative test results)

  • Secure approval online for the Travel Authorization. This is to be completed at and is to be done within 5 days of checking in. This is a requirement for checking in for your flight.


Additional Information General Pre Travel from the Tourism Board in Jamaica


Clients who are mandated to upload PCR Tests are encouraged to complete the application at least 5 Days prior to departure as the Authorization Process takes 2 Days unlike those traveling from other states who receive immediate confirmation. 

The Government of Jamaica reserves the right to make amendments to its protocols without notice in order to safe guard the interests of the traveling public and its nationals.

Further what I have stated above, please use the following link to assist with locating resources and/or information online 

Health Questionnaire:

  • Clients will be asked the following general but dynamic questions (meaning, pending your answers a follow up questions may or may not appear or you may be denied travel)

  • Do you have symptoms of illness?

  • Have you tested for COVID 19?

  • Have you been in a Health Care Facility that cares for persons who have COVID 19 within the last 14 days?

  • Did you provide care for patients with COVID 19 within the last 14 days?

  • Have you knowingly been in contact or close with anyone confirmed to have tested or suspected of COVID 19?


- The variation for clients traveling from a listed state is that Question 2 morphs to a request to upload a negative PCR Covid 19 Test.

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