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LGBQT Travel

Endless Escapes prides itself on working with travel partners around the world who have shown themselves to be gay-friendly and welcoming to the LGBTQ community and who constantly improve their amenities and service levels for all travelers. 


Those travel partners who manifest a spirit of inclusiveness and who have gone above and beyond are eligible to be designated Endless Escapes Approved. We encourage you to offer recommendations for Endless Escapes Approved travel destinations, accommodations, cruises, tours, events, entertainment, attractions, clubs, restaurants, and venues.  Click to nominate or email us at or call us at 1-844-205-1777 Extension 10.


Endless Escapes Approved Hotels

Being "Endless Escapes Approved" lets our audience know that our team of experts along with feedback from travelers like you have given a travel partner the distinction of having that "je ne sais quoi" that LGBTQ Travelers appreciate. Learn More.


We don't hand out the Gay Travel Approved moniker lightly. Recipients must be invited and offer a safe and welcoming environment. There must be something special and unique to the travel experience — whether it's the gracious staff, the good energy that is palpable, the welcoming feeling of wellbeing when you are there — those things that make an impression and carry forward with you wherever your journey takes you.


We rely on your discerning taste and opinions to help us bring more of what is good in this vast world to more amazing people like you.


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Destinations within The Caribbean


The Caribbean has beautiful sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, the Caribbean beckons to gay travelers. The weather here is beautiful year-round, with only the occasional late-summer/early-fall hurricane to cause changes to travel plans. Most of the major Caribbean cities have airports, so the easiest way to get into town is by plane. There are also smaller airlines and charter boats that offer connections between islands once you are in the area.


However, gay and lesbian travelers should know that some islands are more gay-friendly than others.  The French, Dutch and US Islands are welcoming of gay and lesbian travelers, while Jamaica, Barbados and the Cayman Islands have a history of homophobia. Known as one of the most gay-friendly Caribbean Islands, St. Croix is nearly 100 miles of endless white beaches. St. Croix is by far the least touristy of the three major American islands.  There’s great shopping, resorts and restaurants for visitors but if you like peace and quiet, there’s also plenty of opportunity for that here too. The most populous and urban of the US Virgin Islands St. Thomas, is a one-stop shop for fun, beaches, relaxation, and island-inspired nightlife.  Just minutes from St. John and about an hour from St. Croix, St. Thomas is home to two main settlements - Charlotte Amalie (also known as downtown) and Red Hook (also known as the East End).


If you are going to travel to the Caribbean, we recommend that you look into the island you plan to visit before you go.  Make sure to avoid public affection in islands with a history of homophobia and remain alert even in islands that are known to be more accepting.



Travel can be an awkward topic for many, mostly because to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) is really to be a part of an incredibly diverse group of people. There are gay families who travel, solo gay travelers, solo lesbian travelers, ones who travel for gay pride or nightlife or honeymoons, those that take gay cruises or splurge on luxury holidays, and ones who rough it camping and backpacking in faraway places.


And just like every other type of traveler, travel for our own personal reasons. Every aspect of what makes us unique also contributes to how, where, and why we travel. I travel because I love to travel, as do our clients, who just happen to be gay.


Sometimes however, their sexuality also influences the how, why, and where they choose to visit a place. It’s usually to visit a specific LGBTQ event (such as a gay pride march or a queer music festival), but also as a way to explore traditionally gay hotspots (like Tel Aviv, New York City or Madrid).


It’s about safety, it’s about comfort, it’s about politics. But it’s also about gay-welcoming events, friendly accommodation, and having fun with travelers who share something similar with you.


LGBTQ Travel Tips


It is our privilege to serve as your trusted resource for memorable, lifetime travel experiences.  We are truly fortunate to be a part of a community that understands the power of travel as a means to bring cultures together, to form friendships, and to learn from each other.  We are humbled by this and will never cease to be inspired by the special places we travel and the fascinating people we meet along the way.

Endless Escapes Destination Insider

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