I mailed the attached documents today but wanted you to have them electronically as well.  In addition, below are the links for Mexico. One is the Health Form and one is the Tourist card.  Please fill out, print, and keep with you. This is the immigration form they will stamp and give back. Please keep in your passport you will need to clear immigration to fly home and if you lose it you must buy one on exit.  You can fill out on either of these sites. One per person.

All guest will be required to wear a mask while flying, in the airport terminal and while on the transfer to and from the resort to the airport.





·       Health form:


·       Tourist card:

Helpful Hints:

  • Bring a small power strip to plug all your devices in one area

  • Bring sunblock and bug spray

  • Tums, Alka Seltzer and any meds you need

  • Pack a beach bag with a bathing suit, flipflops, sunblock to easily take from luggage in case room is not ready

  • Make sure to keep all valuables in your carry on not in thechecked bag to ensure they are not lost or stolen

  • Bring headphones or earbuds for the plane and be sure to wear your mask

  • Bring a mask to wear in the airport and on the plane. (some airlines are not accepting masks with air-vents)

  • Purchase drinks and snacks at the airport very limited on the flight

  • When you get off the plane, pass though immigration, collect luggage and go through customs

  • Please do not stop and chat with the line of people before you walk outside, they sell timeshare (SCAM)

  • Outside look for transfers company if you do not see them ask someone, they will point you towards them

  • Check to be sure the transfer company has your name listed to be sure you are at the correct one

  • Resort check-in is 3pm, be sure to hand them a copy of marriage license if celebrating a honeymoon

  • Make sure to use your safe in the room for passports, ID, and valuables

  • Remember there is a pandemic so there will be masks, hand sanitizer, and some limitations on property.

  • You may have to ask for maid service as some will only go in if you are not in there

  • You may have to ask for drinks in the room they may bring them wrapped in plastic

Have fun, this is your one time to relax and enjoy