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St. Lucia

At this time, you must have a negative PCR test within seven (7) days of travel and fill out the pretravel registration form below.  Please make sure you print and take the negative PCR Covid test and the printed pretravel forms with you along with your passport that does not expire until 6 months prior to return. PCR Stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR COVID 19 TEST).  This may change in two weeks but at this time this is the required and I will keep you up to date as things change.

Helpful Links to find testing sites near you are below. You will need a negative PCR test be sure “PCR” test

Since testing sites are behind in processing many are opting for the same day test results but MUST make an appointment a few weeks in advance as appointments fill up.  No matter which you choose, please make an appointment now to ensure you can go and get tested.  Most testing is free except for the Rapid PCR Tests (same day results). Clients who opt for the same day results have stated if they list one symptom then insurance pays for it.  Some clients just paid for it anyway to have results the same day and not wait in line or days for results. You must decide what works best for you. No matter what you choose, it must be a certified Covid-19 PCR test (PCR stands for: polymerase chain reaction) Ask whoever is giving the test to be sure you are getting the right one. 

Below are links to some testing sites.  We do not endorse any of them, this is just so you have a quick link.  Make sure no matter where you get tested it is a certified COVID-19 PCR test (polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and that you get it back showing negative “within” 7 days prior to arrival.  

Please ask if you are getting a PCR test and how long the turnaround times are, remember test must show negative “within” 7 days prior to arrival no longer’ 



Link to find test near you:


or another link


Link to find test near you:


We do not endorse the above links we are simply sending you helpful links to find testing.  You can also reach out in your area.



Pre-Travel Registration Form St Lucia Link:

Please fill out the above Pretravel Registration Form anytime prior to arrival

Negative PCR Covid test within 7 days prior

If symptomatic will take test at cost to them in the amount of $100 

Then transferred to their hotel to quarantine in their room 12 – 24hrs until test returns negative.

If test comes back positive client transferred to medical facility and placed in isolation at their own expense until two negative tests. 

This will be updated every 14 days


MASKS: All guest will be required to wear a mask while flying in the terminal and while on the transfer to and from the resort to the airport. 


Helpful Hints:

  • Bring a small power strip to plug all your devices in one area

  • Make sure to keep all valuable in your carry on not in checked bag to ensure they are not lost or stolen

  • Make sure to use your safe in the room for passports, ID and valuables

  • Purchase drinks and snacks at the airport very limited on the flight 

  • Bring headphones or earbuds for the plane

  • Bring sunblock and bug spray

  • Tums, Alka seltzer and any meds you need

  • Your transfers will take approximately an hour and a half

  • Resort check-in is 3pm 

  • Remember there is a pandemic so there will be masks on employees, hand sanitizer and some limitations on property.

  • You may have to ask for maid service as some will only go in if you are not in there

  • You may have to ask for drinks in the room they will bring in plastic


Have fun, this is your one time to relax and enjoy

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