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Travel to Beautiful Cancun

Whether you are looking to get a group of buddies together, escape the winter, have a destination wedding, or just get away from ordinary life, Cancun has it all.

Cancun has amenities to attract all types of vacation styles. Let's get into that in a bit. First things first: hotels and resorts.

Cancun offers more than 50 all-inclusive hotels and resorts. All of them ranging from franchises of massive hotel chains to local-only resorts.

Needless to say, Cancun will have the place to stay that fits your style. Which is what we, your Escape Artists, are here to help you figure out. A couple resorts to highlight include Hard Rock Cancun, Hyatt Zilara and Ziva, Palace Resorts (Beach Palace, Sun Palace, Moon Palace, The Grand at the Moon), and Secrets Resorts. While some of these great resorts are in the downtown area, others are great party spots with beaches and dining. Stay at one or play at them all. Families are also welcome as the kids will never be bored.

Once you have found a place to stay, you need to find things to do.

Cancun covers all of the bases for "things to do." Looking for peace and quiet to relax? Cancun's got it. Want to party in the warm weather? You can in Cancun. Are you a history buff and enjoy exploration? Cancun is near ancient ruins, eco parks, museums, colonial cities and jungle paths. The list goes on and on. Golf is also an option at more than 10 different courses. Go to the waters for scuba diving, snorkeling, boat tours, fishing, water shows, and the Musa (the Cancun underwater museum).

Sleeping, relaxing, and exploring is fun and all, but food also matters. Food in Cancun comes in all sizes and styles. Regardless of whether you're looking for cozy, romantic, seafood, steak, Asian, American, bars, or anything else, you can find your desired cuisine in Cancun. Some of the top fine-dining restaurants to touch on are Restaurante Benazuza (Mexican cuisine), Lorenzillo's (famous for their lobsters), and Casa Rolandi (a highly rated Italian restaurant). These five-star restaurants in Cancun's Hotel Zone are huge hits for not just tourists, but locals as well.

Cancun offers exciting memories to all types of escapees: young, reckless, budgetary, romantic, peace, family, adventure, and any category in between. This city has it all. Let an Escape Artist help you plan your trip with your money your way.


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