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Vacation Must-Knows: Assured & Insured

Vacation Must-Knows: Assured & Insured

Do you really need trip insurance?

A Good Plan ALWAYS Includes a Backup Plan

Have you ever been trying to run an errand and no matter how hard you try to do it, something gets in the way? Well, when it’s something simple like an errand, you can easily adapt and work through things, right? What would you do if something went awry while you were on vacation? What if you were in another country?

Don’t start panicking just yet though—there’s a way to protect yourself, your family, and your vacation if any unexpected obstacles present themselves. If you couldn’t guess from the title, we’re talking about trip insurance and what to consider when you have to make the decision to get it or not.

Expect the Unexpected

We want to highlight the three most important reasons that we usually say ‘yes’ to trip insurance. We’ll break each one down more but, here’s the quick list to start:

  1. Trip Cancellation

  2. Medical Emergencies

  3. Travel Barriers—from Flight to Arrival

As we dive into these reasons deeper, remember it’s always important to consider trip insurance and with the help of our travel team, you can discover the options for your next vacation! Here we go.

Reason #1: Trip Cancellation

Life can throw all sorts of curves into even the best-made plans. So, this is our first reason to consider trip insurance—to be reimbursed for trip costs that have already been paid, which can likely be non-refundable. Oftentimes, trip cancellation coverage extends out to family emergencies and other reasons for cancellation…and can sometimes reimburse up to the full cost of the trip. Be sure to always check covered reasons to see if it aligns with your needs for insurance.

A good example to think about is this: your family is getting all excited about the upcoming trip, counting down the days, planning, and packing. But, two days before the departure, an unexpected emergency pops up that needs your attention and it looks like it’s going to extend into the departure day and could cancel the whole vacation. In this type of moment, trip insurance shines through and can be a saving grace should you have to cancel. Life happens and we can’t predict everything, but this is a great example to think about when you consider trip insurance!

Reason #2: Medical Emergencies on Vacation

There is nothing like finally getting to your destination and kicking back and relaxing with the family or your favorite person. If the kids are with you on the trip, medical emergencies can pop up in all shapes and sizes. From accidents and illness to other unexpected mishaps, the risk is always there and this is where the second reason for trip insurance presents itself.

Take a quick look at your health insurance policy. Does it cover out-of-country hospital visits? Most don’t. Well, trip insurance can take that worry away by covering and reimbursing for unexpected hospital visits, accidents, costs related to unexpected illnesses, and in some cases, medevac expenses. Of course, no one wants this to happen during vacation, but in this case, it’s better safe than sorry! Extra Pro-Tip: Medicare does not extend out-of-country coverage.

Reason #3: Travel Barriers—from Flight to Travel

Everyone wants a smooth trip. In fact, we’re the experts at planning smooth trips. Sometimes though, things are simply out of our control. Such as luggage handling, flight delays, and unexpected barriers in airports or upon arrival. We first suggest always having a travel agent to back you up; however, trip insurance can come in handy here, too!

When you choose to insure your trip, you can get reimbursement for lost or stolen luggage, lodging, meals, and rebooking fees. This means your time is not wasted if these unfortunate events happen. Even flight delay costs to you like meals and lodging are often available for coverage if you choose the right plan. This will give you that sense of security even if things go nice and as smoothly as planned!

So, Trip Insurance: Yes Or No?

The answer is—YES! Trip insurance offers you the assurance that if something does go wrong, you don’t stand to be in the hole for it. Our team always encourages trip insurance, but we also encourage you to do your own research and see if the coverage fits your needs and budget. As always, we’re ready to plan your trip and connect you with more information about covering yourself and your family as you travel to paradise!

*We are not licensed to interpret policies or advice on claims. Always read through your coverage and contact the insurance company with specific questions.


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