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Ready, Set, Pack

We have all gotten to our said destination and realized that we forgot to pack our flip flops, our dinner outfit, or worse- our favorite bikini! These are the rules we live by when planning for vacation. Happy packing!


1. Make a List- Writing down a list will ensure that the clothes you want to bring are clean when you are ready to leave and also indicates things you may have to purchase ahead of time. Be sure to check things off as you go, as a long list will get confusing if you don't keep track.


2. Know Your Airline's Baggage Policy- Not only will you save money by adhering to their weight limits, but you will save time at security. Most importantly, the embarrassment of strangers handling your “unmentionables” won't be an issue if you plan accordingly. 😳


3. Roll! Roll! Roll- Valuable space is saved by rolling all of your clothes instead of folding and stacking into your suitcase. This method also cuts down, or virtually eliminates ironing time.


4. Don’t Check Your Essentials or Valuables- This may be obvious- but hang onto your passports, credit cards, identification, electronics, important jewelry, and gifts. Remember, if it can't be easily replaced, carry it with you on the plane.


5. Comfort vs. Style- We don’t know about you but exploring in high heels aren't our thing. We suggest replacing heels with wedges, or even your favorite pair of flats. Don't forget to pack those flowy tops and dresses so you can enjoy vacation in luxury AND comfort.


6. Pack Light- Bring dual-purpose clothing and shoes. When we say dual-purpose, we mean clothing that can be easily mixed and matched with basic layering pieces. Bring solid colors and neutrals to save space and make outfit-planning a snap! Don’t bring a pair of shoes for each outfit because the more you pack, the more you carry (we learned this the hard way)! Also, if your hotel has a laundry service, you can do a load or two when you're there and bring even less! This can be a huge time-saver when you come home to unpack.

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